The Apricot

From the stunning blossom to the famous apricot from the Wachau to our Original Bailoni Gold-Apricot Liqueur and Schnaps: The journey of the Apricot.




It starts with the apricot blossom in April. Over a short period of time our 1500 apricot trees are in full blossom and lay the foundation for a successful harvest.



From the beginning of July to August the fruits are harvested. We only use hand-picked apricots form the ground for our products.




The apricots have the perfect ripeness level and can be processed immediately at our premise. The fruits are destoned, pressed and refined to our world-class products.




On a state-of-the-art bottling system our Original Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Apricot Liqueur and Schnaps are filled in the distinctive round bottles, sealed, labelled and packaged. Then they start their journey from the Wachau into the whole world.