The art of distilling

From the fruit to the spirit

A flawless raw material is the cornerstone of a high-quality end product. Once the fruits have been harvested, green and rotten ones must be sorted out and the healthy fruits cleaned. Then the apricots are pitted and mashed. By adding yeast, the mash begins to ferment and metabolizes sugar to alcohol. When the fermentation is complete, as you can tell by the gulp of the fermentation bung, the mash can be prepared for distillation.   

The principle of distillation has been known for centuries and is based on a simple method: Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water and so, by heating up the mash and the resulting vapor, which is guided over a cooling system, can condense again and the pure distillate can be collected.

Over the generations, we have perfectionated our distillation process, and our special resting procedure makes our distillates particularly of high quality and well-endowed.

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