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The Idea

Coincidences often play an important role in life. That includes the idea of the Gold-Apricot-Pearls. During a trip overseas, the Bailoni Family tasted an exotic fruit calles "Finger Limes" and its fruit flesh resembels small pearls. Quickly the Family agrees, that there must be a way to naturally transform the well-known Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Apricot Liqueur into little pearls. With this in mind the development of the Gold-Apricot-Pearls began.

What are Liqueur Pearls?

In a natural process the Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Apricot Liqueur is transformed into pearls. The special trait of the pearls is that the inside of the Pearl stays liquid. The pearls are free of any animal substance, like galantine.

The pure Enjoyment!

Refine your Bailoni Original Gold-Apricot Brandy, Cocktails, Sparkling Wine, cheese plate, fruit salads or desserts with this unique delecacy. The pearls are temperature resistant and can be served on ice or in warm sauces.

Definitly an eye-catcher!

Alcohol Content

17% ABV
Packaged in 200g jars - 9 jars per case

Brandy & Pearls

Refine your Flight of Bailoni Gold-Apricot Brandy with some Gold-Apricot Pearls.

*                 *                 *

Apricot Fizz with Rosmary

4cl Bailoni Gold-Apricot Liqueur
4-6 Bailoni Gold-Apricot Pearls
1cl Lime juice
Club soda water
Ice cubes
Optional: Dash Bailoni Apricot Nectar

Instructions: Put ice cubes into a Collins glas and add the liqueur, Pearls and lime juice. Fill up with club soda water. Garnish with rosmary.

*                 *                 *

Tradition and prestige since 1872

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