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Bailoni Pear Brandy

A traditional recommendation!

An unusual tip of triple distillation. The originals Bailoni Pear Brandy is a more grand, crystal-clear and opulent pear brandy.

The fully-ripened fruit is pressed. Controlled fermenting and careful distillation give the pear brandy its character and the highest quality.

Schnaps or Schnapps: What's the difference?

schnapps |sHnaps| noun - United States
1. Sweetened liqueurs, often fruit flavoured, cinnamon, or crème de menthe;
2. Often 15-25% alc./vol.

schnaps |sHnaps| noun - European
1. Any strong distilled spirit, particularly those of at least 32% alc./vol.
2. Often used for fruit brandies distilled from fresh fruit

Alcohol content

40% vol.

Packaged in the Original Bailoni "box-bag" bottles

1 litre | 0.7 litres | 0.35 litres - 6 bottles
0.05 litres - 12 bottles
0.02 litres - 24 bottles

Cocktail with Bailoni Pear Brandy

Our pear brandy is a real taste sensation. Pour 4cl into a small cocktail glass with chopped-up pear pieces and a shot of pear juice.


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Tradition and prestige since 1872

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