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Bailoni Golden Apricot Syrup

The purest taste!

Stirred, mixed, refined, sweetened and enjoyed: Mixing Bailoni Golden Apricot Syrup with water or soda water parts 1:6 gives you a refreshing, well-rounded beverage.

Enjoy a burst of fruity aromas by mixing the Golden Apricot Syrup with sparkling wine. And it is perfect for adding to desserts and sweets.

Packaged in bottles

0.5 litres - 6 bottles

Apricot Spritzer

1/8 white wine
1/8 mineral water
2cl Golden Apricot Syrup


Pour the mineral water and the white wine into a glass and add 2cl Golden Apricot Syrup. Serve with a cocktail stick for stirring.

Dressing for Leafy Salad

Olive oil
Half of a small onion or garlic
Golden Apricot Syrup


Mix the vinegar, salt, water, Golden Apricot Syrup and olive oil together. Add  the finely-cut onion or garlic to taste.


None available as yet.

Tradition and prestige since 1872

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