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Gold Apricot Liqueur

For over four generations!

Bailoni's traditional liqueur production has been delighting liqueur connoisseurs and fans for over four generations. The unique speciality contains the unmistakable colour and aroma of pressed apricot juice.

Alcohol content

30% vol.

Packaged in the Original Bailoni "box-bag" bottles

1 litre | 0.7 litres | 0.35 litres - 6 bottles
0.05 litres | 0.02 litres - 12 | 24 bottles

Additional sizes

0.5 litres | 0.2 litres in the practical swing-top bottle - 6 | 12 bottles
0.1 litre hipflask with cup - 12 bottles

Apricot - Cobbler

2cl Bailoni Gold-Apricto Liqueur
4 Apricot halves 
2-3 Cocktail cherries
1 dash Angostura Bitter
10cl Sparkling Wine
Crushed Ice


Put the crushed ice in a Cobbler glas and put the fruit on it. Add the dash Angostura Bitter and the Bailoni Gold- Apricot Liqueur. Fill up with the spariking wine.


Apricot Hot Toddy

4cl Bailoni Gold-Apricot Liqueur
2cl Lemon juice
2 bar spoons honey
8cl hot water


Mix preheated Bailoni Gold-Apricot Liqueur with lemon juice and honey in heat resistant glass and stir. Fill up with hot water and garnish with a lemon pierced with cloves and a cinnamon stick.


The fine apricot liqueur brings a lovely fruity taste. This is clear from the taste. The apricot liqueur has a pronounced apricot note and is perfect for mixing.


Tradition and prestige since 1872

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