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Gold-Apricot Brandy

Finest Distillery!

The real connoisseur can distinguish the delicate nuances of the product. Our high-quality distilling procedure delivers true delights for the palate. The fully ripened apricots are pitted and pressed, fermented in a controlled, traditional way and finally undergo a triple distillation process. The process delivers a wonderful, intensively fruity apricot brandy of particularly high quality.

You can find out plenty of background information and get insights into the art of distilling by taking a tour of our distillery. Guests and visitors will experience the distillation process with all of their senses.

The Original Gold-Apricot Brandy makes the apricot the star of the show.

Schnaps or Schnapps: What's the difference?

schnapps |sHnaps| noun - United States
1. Sweetened liqueurs, often fruit flavoured, cinnamon, or crème de menthe;
2. Often 15-25% alc./vol.

schnaps |sHnaps| noun - European
1. Any strong distilled spirit, particularly those of at least 32% alc./vol.
2. Often used for fruit brandies distilled from fresh fruit

Alcohol content

40% vol.

Packaged in the Original Bailoni "box-bag" bottles

1 Litre | 0.7 Litre | 0.35 Litre - 6 bottles
0.05 Litre - 12 bottles
0.02 Litre - 24 bottles

Additional sizes

0.5 Litre | 0.2 Litre in the practical swing-top bottle - 6 | 12 bottles
0.1 Litre hip flask with cup -12 bottles

Apricot Sour

4cl Original Bailoni Gold Apricot Schnapps
3cl fresh orange juice
3cl fresh lemon juice
Brown sugar


Shake the Original Bailoni Gold-Apricot Brandy, orange juice and lemon juice together with the ice cubes. Moisten the rim of the cocktail glasses with Original Bailoni Gold-Apricot Brandy and dip the glass in a dinner plate scattered with brown sugar. Pour the mix into the cocktail glass and decorate with orange and lemon slices.


The schnapps has an intense taste but it's not too strong and does not burn! If one pours the product into a glass, one can recognize by the streaks the excellent quality of the schnapps.

Jarmilla, 44

Tradition and prestige since 1872

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