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Tipsy Apricots

Pure temptation!

Our tipsy apricots are a culinary delight. At our headquarters in Krems/Stein, carefully-selected apricot halves are immersed in the finest apricot liqueur, according to our recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

A very special "Bailoni" treat and known and loved far beyond the country borders, the Original Bailoni Bottled Apricots has an alcohol content of 18% vol.

Alcohol content

18% vol.

Packaged in a decorative jar with swing-top.

Packaged set with 6 jars of 1,400 ml

Additional sizes

500 ml | 350 ml | 130 ml screw cap jars of 6 jars
single portion in a glass jar - 6 small jars

Serving suggestion

The tipsy apricots are best enjoyed cooled and without adornment.


None available as yet.

Tradition and prestige since 1872

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