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Only the best apricots for our products!

It starts in April with the apricot blossom, a spectacular sight for all locals and visitors of the Wachau. Over a short period of time our apricot trees are blooming and create the foundation for a successful harvest. The apricot blossom is often compared to the beauty and uniqueness of the japanese cherry blossom.

The harvest starts in mid-July to August and is one of the greatest "Highlights" in the Wachau. A lot of apricot festivals take place during this time of the year and we proudly present our products there.

For our products only the best apricots are manufactured. We wait until the tree drops the fruit and we pick them from the ground. Through that we have the perfect ripeness level within the apricots and can start processing them right away at our premise. The apricots are destoned and are either refined to our exquisite Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Apricot Liqueur or Original Gold-Apricot Brandy.

Do you fancy a closer look? With 15 person or more you can do a tour through our distillery. Please book timely in advance. Our email: or call us +43 (0) 2732/82228

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