Reife Marillen im Korb
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The Distillery

We make the most of the apricot!

The production of apricot brandy involves the stoning, pressing and controlled fermentation of the apricot, followed by a triple distillation process, resulting in the Original Bailoni Gold Apricot Brandy.

The Original Bailoni packaged "box-bag" bottles are filled, sealed, labelled and packed at our state of the art bottling plant.

Once the commission is received, the Bailoni specialties are prepared for delivery.

Fancy a closer look? We organise tours of our company for groups of over 15 people. Advance notice required.

Selecting the apricots - only the best will do for our products

It begins in April: a visual feast for every visitor to Wachau and the basis of our quality products is the annual blooming of the apricot trees. At the end of July, the fruit is fully ripened and can be harvested.

In line with our motto we make the most of an apricot, only the best apricots are used in our products. For production of the apricot liqueur in particular, the hand-picked apricots are stoned, pressed and processed to produce apricot juice which forms the basis of our Bailoni Gold Apricot Liqueur.

Distillation plant Bailoni
Office in Krems-Stein
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